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Tips Before Trading In Forex

Now we know how people are delving into making quick bucks or easy ways to make a profit through trading, especially in Forex. That is one of the reasons why most who enter the trading market, often lose their money even before they make their first trade.

With Ibex Markets, here are some tips and guidance we’ve collected from trusted brokers and traders that could help you.

Limit To Just A Few Markets

Carefully choose a few markets to enter. That way, you’ll be able to monitor and allow you to hone expertise in a specific market. Money may still be a major factor in the trading industry, but knowledge is what makes the money stay.

Keep Your Margins Small

It can be tempting with forex trading to become heavily leveraged, investing money that you do not actually have. As a novice in forex trading; however, you are more likely to lose than you are to win. If you are losing on a high margin, you end up paying out much more.

Test With Your Demo Account

Learning trades never stops even when you open a live account. Use your demo account to learn and test various configurations of your trading plan and strategies. This is one way to trade smart.

Choose a Right Day To Trade

The Forex market is open 24/7 – except for retail trades, with exemptions from holidays so there will be days wherein one day is better than the other. Monday is usually the worst day since markets are opening and may show new trends from last week. Fridays consists of a high volume of market changes due to trades closing for the week.

Understanding the best time to trade helps improve your chances to determine whether to enter or decide to exit the market.

Start Small Deposits

To make money off of forex, deposit in small amounts, and before you know it you’ll be making gains. Use these gains to invest. Keep making deposits and you may be at risk of losing more than what you’d gain.

Read the Market

It is important to be able to read the market whether on your own or with your broker. Learning how to pinpoint the market helps you understand trends associated with it.


Most forex traders are prone to losses more than wins when it comes to their trades. Seasoned professional brokers and traders have their fair share of trading experiences. Instead, they learn from their losses and plan a trading strategy according to the market.

IBex Markets aims to provide the best trading experience for their clients both new and old. Our top of the notch quality trading platforms and professional brokers are always ready to help to ease your trades in the Forex market.

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