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Ibex Markets - Trade with an emerging powerhouse broker

Here at iBex Markets we value our partners

Before a person decides to invest in forex trading, one needs to be adverse with research on how to identify trading companies by their conditions and the different set of tools provided. Fortunately, in this digital age, publishing reviews are accessible and therefore reliable when it comes to validating a trading company’s products and services.

iBex Markets – though starting and currently still developing in its early stages, have had their fair share of ways on how to continuously update and address issues from its systems and platforms in order to cater to their client’s needs and satisfaction. iBex Markets have always put forward their value on being client-centric in order to provide a sense of security as their clients are investing through their hard-earned money.

Through this, iBex Markets’ have improved its customer service with professional training in hopes to elevate/alleviate waiting queues of existing clients in the midst of onboarding new clients along the way.

November 2021

Experienced good to moderate returns

Opened a demo account at first, but it took awhile for me to turn it into a live account. Experienced good to moderate returns with the help of their brokers.


Unique trading tools

They have a good offer of unique trading tools and platforms that can accommodate trading investors. However iBex Markets lacks the trading tools and features to compete with industry leaders who offer better deals and leverages.


Very accommodating

Their tech support and customer service was very accommodating. They easily guided me on how I can setup my account when I first started.

October 2021

A little hesitant at first

A little hesitant at first since they only offer cTrader as their trading platform (I usually use MT4), but there’s a slow progress on the returns I made out of the trades I’ve made.

September 2021

Good return

Opened an account just this August and a month from now I can say I’m receiving a good return from the trades I made. From a demo account to a live account, it was a good choice.

Mia J.

Support team guided me

I’m used to the MT4 trading platform and I wanted to try the cTrader. So far I like the automation for my trades and if I need help, their support team guided me.

August 2021
Rafeeqa al-Mohiuddin

Offer’s a Islamic account

I’m a Muslim and I respect the Quran and follows the Islamic financial investment. This brokerage offer’s a Islamic account. I will surely recommend this brokerage to my relatives who’s into investment as well.

Micah Hawkins

30% bonus for the minimum deposit

My friend recommended this brokerage and since it’s a referral account, they provided us 30% bonus for the minimum deposit. My friend and I are very much happy about it.

Eden Ewing

Very accommodating

Very accommodating when it comes to customer service.

Teagan Miller

Leave a message thru phone

Even though their not working over the weekend as the market is close, I can still leave a message thru phone and they will get back to me as soon as working hours started.

Rayne Powell

Really helps me when I need assistance

Their customer service works 24 hours daily, good thing because I’m located in New Zealand and we really have a big time difference. It really helps me when I need assistance over my account.

Crew Gillespie

I thought I have been scammed!

I thought I have been scammed because I couldn’t contact their customer service. Good thing is that they have other ways to be contacted such as Live Support Chat and emails. By contact thru live chat, I found out that they updated their phone numbers.

Christian Kirk

Investing more in the future if I see constant profits

Started with the minimum capital for 250 EUR. I thought this investment will just go over the bush but I must say that I’m earning at least 10% on a monthly basis. Will think about investing more in the future if I see constant profits.

Paige Martine

It’s been good

Since pandemic hit, I’ve been meaning to try and earn through forex trading. Tried it with a demo account with iBex Markets and just recently switched to a live account. I had 2 withdrawals so far. It’s been good.

Beccah B

A bit hesitant but the broker assigned to me assured me

A friend of mine recommended this broker once I lost from my last trade with another brokerage. I was a bit hesitant but the broker assigned to me assured me my trades were coming through and a live update on my account.

July 2021
Samuel Clark

cTrader is really easy to maneuver

Their cTrader is really easy to maneuver. I once had a hard time setting up my automation but their IT was great help.

June 2021
James Black

Got my account back

Had a run in trouble with my account and couldn’t open it. Luckily I’ve contacted their support early on and they were patient enough to get my account back.

May 2021
Zia J

Getting a good return from the trades

Opened an account last April and a month from now I can say I’m getting a good return from the trades I made – given it’s a small amount since I’m just starting.

April 2021
Alfred Anderson

cTrader is also quite easy to use

High starting deposit but the leverage and wide spreads helped my trades. Their cTrader is also quite easy to use.

February 2021
Tristian Timothy

Overall is a good trading experience

Initially I found their deposit a little high. But I got to easily utilize my account even with just a small gain from my recent trades. Would need some improvements on other areas, but overall is a good trading experience with this broker.

January 2021
Patricia Peters

Brokers have been a good help

Since the pandemic started, i’ve been meaning to try a brokerage that can help me earn money. Opened a demo account with iBex but eventually got myself a real trading account. The brokers have been a good help and continuously give updates on my account. 9/10 would recommend

June 2020
Walter Erickson

Very convenient

I just activated my account 2 months ago and i was afraid that the coronavirus issue would affect my trades, but i am comfortable to say that ibex markets has helped me alot. I’m able to monitor my profits on a monthly basis since i’m running a small business. Very convenient.

June 2020
Abrielle Acosta

I still have not received my money.

I made a withdrawal request which was processed on 20 May 2020. I still have not received my money. I contacted support and withdrawals department 12 days ago, still issue is not solved.

They keep replying with automated emails and not solving the problem.

May 2020
Ashton Berry

Broker helped me

I was afraid this pandemic would affect so much of my trades, good to see that I’ve got a broker who can help me with my profits.

May 2020
Bently Michael

Basic, precise and very suitable for traders to use

Basic, precise and very suitable for traders to use. Needs more improvement on some features, but overall it’s an excellent platform to use.

May 2020
Ahmed Randall

Process withdrawal request in less than a few minutes

If you’ve just completed a trade and want to withdraw your money, the company can process that withdrawal request in less than a few minutes.

April 2020
Neil Douglas

Account disabled

Today I tried to login into my account on cTrader says account disabled meanwhile my account is verified and I have been trading on it for months please fix this for me.

Sean Thomas

Easy to use

Their cTrader is simply amazing and easy to use. Minor bugs but still okay.

April 2020
Terrell Wooten

Trading Experience

Best Trading Platform so far

April 2020
Ember Campbell

Recommended by my colleague

I was recommended by my colleague to try ibex markets, I was skeptical at first, but as weeks went by ibex continuously kept a close eye on how my trades were coming and going.

April 2020
Caitlin Mcbride

Great experience

I had a great experience with their customer service when I needed them the most. I had trouble with my account and they were helpful to resolve the issue. Thank you ibex!

April 2020
Michaela Good

Improved more

The ctrader could definitely be improved more. But so far, it’s been a blast using it. Good for first time traders! Would recommend

Eugene Hensley

App was easy to use

The app was easy to use,had no difficulties logging in and out of my account but it takes time to do verification at most times. Hope this issue would be solved.

Brice Lindsey

Unique and very powerful trading platform

Their cTrader is a unique and very powerful trading platform that comes in web trader and desktop versions, along with the Algo trading module. I mean if you’re looking for an app that has it all, it’s this.

April 2020
Peter Morgan

Know what their customers want

For a company that just recently started, they certainly know what their customers want. It’s not yet perfect, but they’re continuously improving. Thank you!

March 2020
Amari Davenport

Stable trades

Overall trading experience: Four years. Opened a demo account with this broker in 2018 and lived afterwards.Trade execution is stable even trades can be done during news with good spreads.

March 2020
Dominique Hobbs

Trusted and responsive team

A trusted and responsive team. Even with the pandemic coming along, they’ve been on top of things in regards to my trades. Their support was nothing but accommodating when I had a hard time understanding what happened to my trades.

March 2020
Noah James

Very convenient and easy to use

Their cTrader is very convenient and easy to use. Now I’m just working at home, I’m able to see where my trades are going while I take care of my family.

February 2020
Juliette O'neil

First time trader

Being a first time trader, I had to be smart around to whom I trust my trades, thankfully ibex and their support were always there to guide me through the processes.

February 2020
Ainsley Parker

Haven’t received any email back

I would respond to their emails saying I have submitted the documents and I haven’t received any email back.

Ended up closing the account

February 2020
Adam Bennett

One call from their support and I got control again

I got locked out of my account the other day and I was afraid I’ll lose it all. It’s my first time to trade. But one call from their support and I got control again with my account. Thank you so much!

February 2020
Noah Wood

Operate without any issues

Applications and web version of the ctrader operate without any issues so far. Praying it will stay that way.

January 2020
Eva Gordon

Bad customer service

Experienced bad customer service.
I tried to open a joint account here and the agents kept emailing me and calling me, asking for me to repeatedly submit the same documents (ID copy and proof of residence).

Gilbert Dejesus

App version needs markets to update with stocks

I like it but the app version needs markets to update with stocks, indices and futures.But other than that, it’s an excellent app to get.

January 2020
Aidan Morgan

Flexibility their ctrader

I like the flexibility their ctrader comes with. I’ve been using the web version and it’s been okay so far. I have yet to try their app version but so far, the web version is far more comfortable to use.

January 2020
Emanuel Davenport

Very good application

It’s a very good application to even first time traders like myself. It’s very easy to manage my account and if i need help I just call support, and they instantly solve it.

January 2020
Kai Gallagher

It’s safe and very suitable for all kinds of traders.

If you don’t feel confident enough to take on the big forex trading platforms, ibex markets’ is probably the best bet for you. It’s safe and very suitable for all kinds of traders.

January 2020
Leonard Cardenas

Team are friendly and usually very prompt

I’ve been using iBex Markets for 3 years, and so far only its been a good experience. The live chat is really helpful, the compliance team are always friendly and usually very prompt. They are always able to deal with my requests. I’ve made many deposits and they always hit the account quickly. only made one withdrawal so far.

December 2019
Lillyana Mccullough

Pretty good leverages

Plenty of tradable instruments, including cryptocurrencies. Pretty good leverages.. A varied choice of deposit options. Support available 24/5 but only for 5 days a week.

November 2019
Caitlin Lowe

Pleasant experience

It has a very pleasant experience, since I opened an account with iBex Markets. Their customer service, the lowest cost of trading and speed of order execution have all been fantastic. Love dealing with them.

October 2019
Noel Pickett

Still recommend iBex Markets

I know this broker a long time ago and. I also did many withdrawal from iBex Markets account within last 2 years and never get any problem. Currently I have stopped trading for other investment but still recommend iBex Markets.

October 2019
Brenna Torres

Best market spreads

iBex Markets has the best market spreads and definitely the best for scalping strategies.

September 2019
Jose Petty

Good trading conditions

iBex Markets has good trading conditions and offers trading with many assets. This is all I need to say that this broker is good.

January 2019
Malachi Dodson

I lost almost 30% of what I invested

I used iBex Markets last year to manage accounts.I moved to Abu Dhabi that’s why i have to withdraw my account.

When i withdrew my money, there was a huge discrepancy in the amount i received compared to what i was supposed to get. I lost almost 30% of what I invested.

September 2018
Finley Nicholson

Great service, fast execution

iBex Markets truly is what it says it is. Great service, fast execution.

Only downside is that withdrawals are not instant, but processed at the start of UK GMT business day. Depending on where you are in the world, that could cause some delay. Other than that: 10/10 can recommend.

June 2018
Lola Blackwell

Decent broker and good support

I have been trading with iBex Markets in the last 2 years and got a lot of support from opening accounts, document verification and trading consultation. If the spread is larger and it was not as promised, they reimburse with the spread charged or widened, funding and withdrawing are smooth without any hassles… Overall a decent broker and good support.

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