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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Trade?

Basically, you open a buy order if you expect the price to go up and open a sell order when you expect the price to go down. That means that you buy a certain amount at a lower price now, in order to sell it back at a higher price later and gain profit from the price difference and vice versa.

How do I make a profit?

There are many strategies that allow you to profit from currency price fluctuations, for example scalping, martingale, hedging, news trading and many others.

Alternatively, you can use automated trading software that can help you in making trading decisions or even open and close positions for you.

How do I predict whether the price is going to rise or fall?

As a beginner you can simply track the general direction of the price on the chart and open buy orders when it goes up and sell orders when it goes down. This may not guarantee you profit in all cases, however it is a good start for developing your strategy.

If you have little to no experience yet, it would be advisable to avoid trading during major news releases since the market tends to be highly volatile. Two more advanced methods of price prediction are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Basic risk management techniques may also prove beneficial in reducing losses.

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Register with iBex Markets by opening an account

Having an account allows you to access your personal area on our website and to trade with iBex Markets. Once registered, please check your email to find out your personal area login details and trading account credentials.

Personal area login details will allow you to manage your funds, get bonuses and take part in our promotions, while trading account credentials are used to access trading platform.

Verify your account

Once you complete your registration, a link will be sent to your email address. Click on the link to verify your account.

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How Can I Install cTrader On My Phone?

Spotware cTrader (Public Beta) mobile application is officially distributed via Google Play. Download the app here

App StoreGoogle Play

How Can I Change My Password?

The Account button allows to change the account password, sign out from all of the accounts, select an existing account to trade or open new Demo account.

What Is A Watchlists Tab?

The Watchlists tab allows users combining symbols into groups to trade the listed symbols only. The default Watchlist is Popular Markets which includes the basic currency pairs, commodity symbols, and stocks. This list is not editable, but you can copy it and make your own list on its basis, adding or removing symbols of your choice.

Here you will find step by step instructions on how to use cTrader platform and its features.

Do you charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals?

iBex Markets does not charge its clients any fees. However, please be aware that some fees can occur.

What is the maximum amount for withdrawals/ deposits?

iBex Markets does not limit the amount you can withdraw or deposit into your account. The deposit amount is unlimited, and the withdrawal amount should not exceed free margin.

Can I deposit/withdraw several times a day?

iBex Markets does not limit the number of deposits and withdrawal requests per day. All requests are processed within 1-3 hours during working hours of our Financial Department (Monday-Friday 06:00-15:00 EET), otherwise the request will be processed the next business day. However, it is advised to deposit and withdraw all of the funds in one request to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.

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What are Index CFDs?

By definition, an index is a statistical evaluation of how the price in a selection of stocks has changed over time that allows to traders to assess overall performance of a certain market. Depending on the selection criteria, indices may be classified as national, global, industry or exchange based. Moreover, various calculation methods allow to subdivide them into price weighted stock indices, value (or market cap) weighted indices, and equally weighted stock indices.

An index is basically a statistical value, which cannot be traded directly. However, it is possible to profit from index fluctuations through a derivative, a security which value is derived from an underlying asset. Derivatives can be either exchange based (e.g. futures and options) or over-the-counter (e.g. CFDs). The former are traded through an organized exchange while the latter are traded between two parties.

How do I trade Index CFDs?

The major stock market indices such as FTSE 100, Dow Jones, S&P and Germany’s DAX index tend to respond well to technical analysis and are generally more preferred by short term traders. Other popular indices include France’s CAC-40 and Japan’s Nikkei 225.

Fundamentals-wise, it would mainly depend on the country the index originates from as well as the economic sectors it represents. Below you will find a brief description of the major indices we offer for trading.

iBex Markets CFD Technology

iBex Markets’s CFD Technology has been developed for traders to execute large CFD orders with minimal slippage, allowing clients the best possible trading experience.

iBex Markets provides ultra-low latency execution from a deep pool of liquidity sources, with no dealing desk or execution manipulation. iBex Markets is globally renowned for developing and deploying cutting-edge IT Infrastructure supporting the most demanding trading applications.

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Trading hours

Currencies are traded 24 hours a day 5 days a week around the world. Trading Market opens Monday morning in Wellington, New Zealand and stay open till the Friday night in New York, USA. Knowing which trading session is active now can help with choosing a pair to trade and which economic events to review before trading.

When to Buy?

A trader would open a buy position if they believe that the value of that specific base currency would increase.

When to Sell?

A trader would open a sell position if they believe that the value of that specific base currency would decrease.

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